Soccer for Health

The Ten Commandments of Health
Les Dix Commandements de la Santé
There are approximately 100,000 communities in DR Congo. The SANRU (Rural Health projects provide health development services and assistance to approximately half of Congo's 515 health zones. That would include 50,000 communities and 35 million people.   

SANRU would like to distribute "Ten Commandments of Health" soccer balls to at least ten thousand communities, health facilities and schools. Many of those are managed by faith-based organizations. To date four thousand soccer balls and pumps have been produced and distributed with funding from USAID.

Interested individuals and organizations who would like to support this effort can make tax-deductible contributions through Interchurch Medical Assistance (IMA World Health).  I.M.A. works in partnership with the Protestant Church of Congo (ECC) to manage the SANRU III project. To make a contribution please visit the IMA website and submit your contribution via IMA for SANRU soccer balls.

The cost of one soccer ball and pump set, including transport costs to/within Congo, is $25.00. The balls are high quality No. 5, hand-sewn, 32 panel, 4-ply balls with a polyurethane cover, semi-glossy finish and latex bladder. They have been field tested in Congo, and survived the rugged conditions admirably. For more pictures of the soccer ball and pump click here. For more technical information about the balls and program in general, please contact Dr. Franklin Baer.